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  • Gas and Oil fired appliances    

  • Carbon Monoxide investigations

  • Gas explosions 

  • HVAC and Plumbing construction issues

David Caggiano, P.E., cfei


  • Fires involving gas and oil fired equipment

  • Pipe freeze up and water damage 

  • Water damage from plumbing systems

  • Oil tank bursts and system leaks


Dave is a licensed mechanical engineer in over 15 states and a certified fire and explosion investigator.  He has over 25 years experience in HVAC and Plumbing systems, He has worked for two boiler manufacturers and as a commissioning engineer for MEP systems.  Dave has been performing Forensic investigations for over 12 years.


Dave performs inspections, reviews documents, analyzes evidence, tests products, writes reports, testifies at deposition and trial.

Practice Areas

Dave has investigated multiple CO poisoning incidents, fires and gas explosions, scalds along with many HVAC and plumbing related failures.  He has also investigated many frozen pipe ruptures and water damage claims.

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